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Hello, everyone! I am Nephrys Darkwater, a new author! My first novel, Lotus, is now  available  on Amazon!

I am still working on my newest story, one I hope you will love just as much as Lotus.

Hikari Arizawa wasn't able to enjoy her 15th birthday. After running away

for her own survival, she unknowingly passes through a portal to another world

and is given a great power that comes with immense responsibility.

While healing from her injuries, Hikari discovers she is part of a legendary group of 12

chosen to use elemental powers to protect the people from an evil Dark Lord.

Having grown up on the typical hero stuff

(comics, manga, anime, etc.), she decides to train as a soldier

and play the role she has been given.


She wants to be a hero, but she has a dark side

and a bad temper that make it difficult for her stay on the straight and narrow.


After nearly a year's time, just before her sweet 16, she sets off to find the other 11 elementals

and encounters more friends and enemies than she ever thought possible.

She must overcome her insecurities and learn to control her anger.

All 12 must overcome various obstacles in order to become

strong enough to defeat the Dark Lord.

Will they defeat evil or will the Dark Lord prevail?

Will Hikari learn to be a proper hero?

Or will she be on the wrong side

of justice as a vigilante?

Will she ever see home again?

Or is she stuck in this strange new world?


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